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Student Access Code FAQs

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What is an Access Code?
A Student Access Code is a series of letters and numbers that allow you to access course content, called an e-Pack, selected by your instructor. Student Access Codes are often confused with Global IDs or WebCT IDs, but they are not the same.
Why do I need an Access Code?
Your online course contains publisher content selected by your instructor and payment is required to use it, much like paying for your textbooks, study guides, or CD-ROMs.

Can I get temporary access to an e-Pack without buying an Access Code?
With WebCT Campus Edition 4.1, you can request 15-day temporary access to an e-Pack. Request temporary access by going to the e-Pack (course) and selecting the "Request Temporary Access" button.


Where do I buy an Access Code?
You can purchase an access code in one of two ways:

  1. Secure online purchasing
    Use your credit card at the Student Access Code Center. It is important that you purchase the access code for the correct title, author, and version of the e-Pack, so be certain to obtain that information from your instructor. In addition, check your textbook for an access code. Buy one only if you need to.

  2. Purchase at your school's bookstore.
    In many cases, your instructor may order a "textbook + access code bundle" that you can purchase at your school's bookstore.
I want to purchase online. How do I find the right one?
Search or browse for the online course content selected by your instructor. Make sure you have the exact title, author, edition, and publisher. Purchase an access code only if it is exactly what you want. Some products have similar titles, and if you purchase an Access Code for the wrong product it won't work. If you still can't find the correct Access Code, contact your instructor.
After I buy it, how do I receive my Access Code?
Once you make the purchase, WebCT will email the Access Code to you with additional instructions for using it, as well as information about troubleshooting common problems.
What if I can't find the Access Code online?
Talk to your instructor if you can't find the Access Code online. Some Access Codes must be purchased in a bundle with the text at the bookstore because there are other items that you need in order to access your online course (i.e., CD-ROM).
How do I use the Access Code?
Start by reviewing our Guide to Using Your Access Code. If you need additional help, visit our technical support page.
How can I get help?
Visit our technical support page for a range of options.



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Did you know that there is a difference between a Student Access Key and a Student Access Code?

A Student Access Key is for a Blackboard Learning System - Enterprise or Basic License course only.

A Student Access Code is for a Blackboard Learning System - Vista or CE License (formerly WebCT) course only.