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Does an e-Pack have to be used with a textbook?
No, many instructors are using e-Packs independently of a textbook or as supplementary content for their course. It is important to evaluate the e-Pack you are considering to determine if its contents meet your needs. See the product description for each e-Pack or request a copy or demo to get an idea of its contents.

Does my institution need to have a WebCT license to adopt an e-Pack?
No, WebCT can host the course for you. See more information about hosting.

Does it cost an instructor anything to evaluate or adopt digital content?
No, instructors can review or use digital content at no cost, just like an examination or desk copy.
Do instructors need to purchase an Access Code?
No, instructors do not need Access Codes in order to use an e-Pack as a designer, but it is often useful to have a student account to be able to view the course exactly as a student sees it. This is particularly useful if the instructor wants to take a quiz as a student.
How do I request a test Access Code?
Please contact us using a short Web-based form to get a complementary Access Code which will enable you to view your course as a student sees it. Please note that you will need a different WebCT ID for your student account as it is not possible to connect to a course as both designer and student with the same ID.
What is a Digital Content Leader?
Digital Content Leaders is a designation recognizing an individual or team of individuals at any size or type higher education institution who leverage WebCT's Digital Content Solutions, such as e-Packs, to: meet the campus' e-learning mission; attract new faculty to online teaching; reduce the start-up time required for faculty to develop an online course; meet the individual e-learning needs of instructors no matter what their level of WebCT expertise or particular teaching style; facilitate the availability of flexible, rich, multimedia-enhanced content to every faculty member.

Does WebCT offer any workshops about e-Packs?
Yes. Contact us at digitalcontent@webct.com to register for a free virtual seminar about e-Packs.

How do I use WebCT's search engine to find an e-Pack?
We have detailed instructions for using WebCT's site to find, evaluate, and adopt e-Packs available online.

How can I evaluate or adopt an e-Pack?
Browse or search at www.webct.com/contentsearch. After you browse or search, you can request a copy or view a demo. You will receive access instructions by email within 3-4 business days. Please allow 5-6 business days for WebCT Vista and WebCT Campus Edition 4.1 requests.

What steps do I follow to ensure successful e-Pack adoption?
We recommend that you start off by reviewing our checklist, Important Steps to Ensure Successful e-Pack Adoption.

I've adopted an e-Pack. How do I get started with it using WebCT 3.8 or 4.0?
We've created a helpful online resource, Getting Started With WebCT Using an e-Pack, to assist you in getting off to a smooth start.

How can I use Digital Content in my course?
WebCT's digital content solutions provide innovative ways for faculty of all experience levels with online learning to enhance their WebCT courses. Check out our guide on Practical Ways to Use Digital Content.
How do I access customer support?
WebCT and our publishing partners are committed to providing dedicated, world-class customer care for you, the faculty members and instructional designers who adopt e-Packs, as well as for students who have questions about how to access e-Packs in their online courses. We offer support online, via e-mail, and over the phone.
Is there someone on my campus who can help me with digital content?
It is likely that either your WebCT Administrator or helpdesk on campus can assist you. You can also consult WebCT Customer Care for Digital Content on our Web site.

How do my students get started using the e-Pack?
You or your institution will need to provide students with the URL and login information for their WebCT course. The first time students enter their online course, they will need to purchase a Student Access Code. They can do this in three ways: online at WebCT.com, in a bundled package with the textbook, or in the campus bookstore.

How much do students pay for an Access Code?
The price of the Access Code for students is provided when you select a specific title in the Access Code purchase area. The price represents the cost of the Access Code alone and does not include the textbook. If you wish to order the Access Code and textbook bundle, please contact your publisher representative.
Can students get temporary access to an e-Pack without buying an Access Code?
With WebCT Campus Edition 4.1, students can request 15-day temporary access to an e-Pack. Request temporary access by going to the e-Pack (course) and selecting the "Request Temporary Access" button.
Can my students purchase an Access Code online?
WebCT sells Access Code for select products at www.webct.com/accesscodes. Make sure you provide your students with the exact title, edition, author and publisher of the e-Pack you have adopted.
How do I contact WebCT with general questions about e-Packs?
Please reach us using a short Web-based form to ask a question about an e-Pack, contact the publisher of an e-Pack, or inquire about authoring an e-Pack.
What do I do if my publisher sales representative is not responding to my inquiries?
Please contact us via a short Web-based form.
Is WebCT compliant with Section 508 guidelines for accessibility?
Starting with the release of WebCT 3.6, WebCT implemented measures to address compliance with each of the components of the Section 508 guidelines. WebCT continues to work to ensure that our software complies with both industry standards for accessibility, including the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accessibility Initiative Standards (W3C WAIS), and the newly released Section 508 guidelines.
Are e-Packs compliant with Section 508 guidelines for accessibility?
The Content Alliances group at WebCT is actively working with all of our partners to ensure that the content they develop for use in WebCT is also address compliance with each of the components of the Section 508 guidelines. If you have questions about the compliance of a specific e-Pack, please contact WebCT.
Who owns the copyright on e-Packs?
An e-Pack arrives pre-loaded with copyrighted publisher content.
Can I delete or reorder the publisher's content in the e-Pack?
Yes. WebCT e-Packs are customizable and publishers expect that instructors who adopt e-Packs will add, delete and reorder the content so that it meets individual teaching and learning needs.
Must I retain the publisher's copyright notice on every page of the e-Pack?
The publisher's copyright notice must be retained provided that publisher's content appears on that specific page. However, as an instructor it is possible to insert notes and comments reflecting your own opinion about that content.
What if I add my own original content to an e-Pack? An instructor who adopts an e-Pack and incorporates or uploads original content into an e-Pack will retain the intellectual property rights to that content.

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