Important Notice

Blackboard will be ceasing its support for e-Packs as of July 31, 2015.

Blackboard will be ceasing any and all operation of the hardware, software, networking and services involved in supporting the creation, updating, distribution, fulfillment and use of e-Packs. All e-Pack content which has already been imported into courses will remain intact, and students that have already entered their access codes will continue to have uninterrupted access to their course. Student pin validations will no longer be operational as of July 31, 2015. New students attempting to access the course material after July 31st will be granted unlimited temporary access to the course when they attempt to enter their access code.

Faculty, if your institution is also on a Blackboard Learn 9.1 environment, please go to Blackboard Extensions to search for a Course Cartridge equivalent of your e-Pack.

Students should reach out to their professor or instructor if they encounter any e-Pack related issues.

Digital Content

e-Packs and Student Access Codes

The ability to easily identify, use, and re-use exceptional online content is a high priority for higher education institutions today. Our digital content solutions make it possible for institutions to fully leverage high-quality online course content, increase the adoption of e-learning institution-wide, and boost student satisfaction with the online learning environment.

As an important extension of our e-learning systems, Blackboard offers e-Packs, publisher-created digital content that is ready to use in the Blackboard Learning System-CE (formerly WebCT Campus Edition) and the Blackboard Learning System-Vista (formerly WebCT Vista). e-Packs provide the ideal starting point for faculty to get up and running quickly with high-quality course content. Faculty have immediate access to robust content supplements and media-rich course material that are fully customizable to meet their unique needs.

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