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Who is Ask Dr. C?

Ask Dr. C is an online community dedicated to helping people learn how to use WebCT and Blackboard and facilitating discussions around online teaching and learning. Ask Dr. C is moderated by an international group of experts whose real-world experience encompasses campus implementation, server administration, course design, multimedia production, tool use, student experience, project management, and third party application integration. The most important element of this community is the wisdom and insights of many talented users, and its value is determined in large part by your participation and contribution. The mission of this community is to provide quality answers to user questions in a highly responsive manner and to contribute to building a global knowledge base for online teaching and learning.

NOTE: Ask Dr. C is a user forum for the discussion of issues around the use of Blackboard and WebCT, and is moderated by a group of experienced clients. While we do try to ensure that all messages get a response, we cannot guarantee a response to all messages. Please be advised that messages posted in Ask Dr. C do not go to Blackboard Support. If you require Support's assistance to resolve a problem, please visit the Blackboard Support site.


Meet the Doctors C:
  Bob Boufford photo  

Bob Boufford

Bob is team lead, e-Learning Support and Development at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. After a few years with WebCT as a master trainer/instructor traveling around the US, Canada, and occasionally overseas, he has settled down at one place and is now a resident of Canada. Bob has been involved with WebCT since version 1.1 where, in his position as College Web Administrator for a small Midwest community college in the United States, he was responsible for administration and training of WebCT, along with developing several WebCT courses to augment his various courses as Associate Professor, Horticulture. Bob, with a colleague, also teaches a fully online course through Blackboard at the University of Calgary. When he is away from the office, Bob enjoys homebrewing beer and learning how to be a Canadian. He joined Ask Dr. C in 2000.

Kate Britt, Ask Dr. C moderator

Kate Britt

Kate teaches Adult Secondary Education in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She has over twenty-five years of document design experience, creating training programs, user guides, and operations manuals for industry. An avid webmaster, she has created and maintains several sites, including The Virtual Professor, focused on the pedagogy of online teaching and learning. As well as facilitating web seminars for educators, Kate enjoys writing, editing, and taking online classes. When not at the keyboard, Kate crews cruise-n-learns in the waters of northern BC. She joined Ask Dr. C in 2000.

  Donna Ferguson  

Donna Ferguson

Since the Summer of 2003, Donna has been the Instructional Technology Manager at Albany State University (ASU). In addition to her highly regarded instructional design team, Donna also manages the web site for ASU and all videoconferencing and as part of Information Technology will work to implement voice-over IP in the near future for the entire campus. Donna has been working with various distance learning technologies and in instructional design for the last ten years within the University System of Georgia. Her success with faculty is attributed to her patience, her sense of humor, and her laughter. Donna is a Certified WebCT Trainer and a co-author of The Ultimate WebCT Handbook, A Practical and Pedagogical Guide to WebCT. Donna has been asked to do presentations and pre-conference workshops on instructional design at many higher education conferences within Georgia, nationally and internationally. Donna is also a Certified Web Designer. She joined Ask Dr. C in 2000.

  Eric Kunnem, Ask Dr. C moderator  

Eric Kunnen

Eric is a Coordinator of Instructional Technologies at Grand Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His primary role focuses on supporting faculty professional development around using technology in teaching and learning. He has used Blackboard since 1999 - back then it was "Blackboard CourseInfo 4" -- has been involved in system administration, project management for upgrades, faculty training, and end user support. He's a frequent participant on listservs, is involved in beta testing and the Product Development Partnership Program, and is a member of the Blackboard Idea Exchange steering committee. Eric has a background in teaching Computer Science and Biology at the secondary level and a Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Educational Technology. He joined Ask Dr. C in 2006.

  Amber Lycan, Ask Dr. C moderator  

Amber Lycan

Amber has been an Instructional Technology Support Coordinator and Blackboard Administrator at Shenandoah University, in Winchester, Virginia, since 1999. She is responsible for faculty training and provides support across the institution for teaching and learning with technology. Previously a professor of Graphic Communications, she holds degrees in art that are a unique source of depth and creativity to the types of support she offers faculty. Amber provided pivotal support during the initial adoption of Blackboard on campus which has resulted in usage by over 80% of Shenandoah's faculty and she continues to work with the institution to mainstream existing and new technologies into the mission and infrastructure of the university. In private life, she is a grandmother and is developing a retirement goal of resuming a career in Fine Art. She's looking forward to working with everyone as a Dr. C. She joined Ask Dr. C in 2006.

  Brian Morgan, Ask Dr. C moderator  

Brian Morgan

Brian Morgan is currently an Assistant Professor in the Integrated Science and Technology Department at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. Brian, a native of Chesapeake, Ohio, is the program coordinator for the Computer and Information Technology major, advising 60+ students each year on education and IT career choices. Brian teaches computer programming, database management, GIS, and e-commerce courses both in the traditional classroom and as courses that are delivered 100% electronically. He has experience with programming languages such as VB, VB.NET, C, C++, PHP, ASP, Java, and SQL. Brian has been using WebCT since its inception in 1996. Before joining the faculty at Marshall University, he served as the school's WebCT administrator and trainer for nearly 4 years and currently serves as a part-time trainer through Blackboard's Certified Trainer Program. When he doesn't have a keyboard attached to his wrists, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children and working as a self-proclaimed do-it-yourselfer. He joined Ask Dr. C in 2000.

Santo Nucifora, Ask Dr. C moderator

Santo Nucifora

Santo Nucifora is the Manager of Systems Development and Innovation within the Information Technology and Telecommunication department of Seneca College. In his sixteen years at Seneca College, Santo started his specialization in technical support and training and later shifted his efforts to Internet-based technologies. Santo has implemented several innovative core-business tools for the college including the majority of the components within the Sun Java Enterprise System stack including Directory Services, Email, Calendar, Web services and Web Application Services. Most notably in his career is the architecture and creation of Canada's first enterprise-class Internet based Registration System (SIRIS) back in 1996. Among other college-wide IT initiatives, Santo was instrumental in the procurement and architecture of the Blackboard Academic Suite and designed and implemented the My.Seneca personal portal system based on the Blackboard Academic Suite within a Sun Microsystems operating environment. Santo leads the My.Seneca team, the Systems Development and Innovation web development team and the web services team. Santo continues to focus on emerging Internet standards and continued development and deployment of innovative Internet-based tools. He joined Ask Dr. C in 2006.

Harold Powers, Ask Dr. C moderator

Harold G. Powers

Harold is the Project Manager for the WebCT Group at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia and has been working with WebCT since 1998. His role focuses on implementation and management of the University System-wide WebCT servers for use in the online delivery of courses offered by the 34 public University System of Georgia (USG) institutions. Harold is also actively involved with system-wide faculty development on the use of WebCT from a pedagogical-based teaching and learning perspective. Besides his teaching and learning perspective of WebCT, Harold also has a firm base in the administration and management of WebCT Vista and Campus Edition.

Prior to joining Georgia State University, he was at Georgia College & State University as an instructor and involved with faculty development. Harold has a M.Ed. in Instructional Technology and his teaching background includes experience in the middle grades, higher education and corporate training. He joined Ask Dr. C in 2004.

Kevin Reeve, Ask Dr. C moderator

Kevin Reeve

Kevin is an Instructional Designer at the Faculty Assistance Center for Teaching, Utah State University. His area of expertise is multimedia tools and technologies. His online course “Learn and Apply HTML,” was recognized as an Exemplary Course in the 2002 WebCT Exemplary Course competition. Kevin has been using WebCT/Blackboard products since 1997, and has been helping faculty move their courses online ever sense. His research area if interest is with interactive learning objects, especially those using SCORM. Kevin is a Vista Certified Trainer and really enjoys teaching others how to use Blackboard to meet their instructional goals. Kevin is currently working on a small HO scale model railroad in his house, is an Amateur Radio Operator, and a Scout Leader. He joined Ask Dr. C in 2004.

David Rosenbaum, Ask Dr. C moderator

David Rosenbaum

David Rosenbaum is a Principal Solutions Engineer at Blackboard (formerly WebCT), where he works with customers on a range of activities from demonstrating the power and value of Blackboards products to developing product requests for future releases. Previously, David led WebCT’s product management team in defining the company’s product strategy and releases, including the seminal specifications for WebCT Vista. He joined Ask Dr. C in 2003.

Henk Schotel, Ask Dr. C moderator

Henk Schotel

Henk was trained as a computer programmer by the Philips Company in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. He worked there for many years before studying psychology, majoring in Experimental Psychology at Nijmegen University (KUN). He stayed on at the KUN to work in the field of computational (psycho)linguistics. He also taught or assisted in the teaching of topics including Prolog, statistics, logic, and philosophy of language, and wrote a book on Prolog (in Dutch). Then he turned to the web. Henk trained himself by installing servers and setting up some of the very first KUN web sites on his own desktop machine. He got involved in web-based training for the department of Arts, where he discovered and introduced WebCT [0.8.]. Henk has since become a legend on the WebCT User List, and was a member of the WebCT advisory board. He has since moved to the University of Maastricht (UM), where he is applying WebCT in the Department of Psychology. Henk joined Ask Dr. C in 2000.

Henk van Rijssen, Ask Dr. C moderator

Henk van Rijssen

Henk is a Blackboard system administrator at ROC Midden Nederland in the Netherlands. He has a background in teaching and instructional design and works closely with faculty to realize their ideas about supporting competence-based learning. He joined Ask Dr. C in 2006.

Mike Zimmerman, Ask Dr. C moderator

Mike Zimmerman

Mike Zimmerman is a Systems Administrator at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), and has been managing their Blackboard system since 2001. He came on board to work with the team integrating UNO's original CourseInfo server with the SIS system, and has been actively involved in the Blackboard user community since then. Prior to joining UNO, Mike spent many years doing library work -- he's still a librarian at heart -- before getting a degree in computer science at the University of South Florida and starting his IT career as Solaris administrator and webmaster at Penn State's Population Research Institute in the mid 1990's. When not in front of a computer, Mike enjoys family time or playing bass in one local band or another. He joined Ask Dr. C in 2006.